Oak Hill Child, Adolescent, and Family Center

The facility involved the expansion and renovation of four one-story brick cottages and gymnasium, which once served as the campus of a Fulton County orphanage in the 1950s, into a state-of-the-art, full-service health & wellness center for Fulton County. In 2011, Fulton County commissioned the design/build team to redesign the cottages into a center providing medical, behavioral health and educational services to families and children, focusing on obesity prevention.  Key to the core function of the program would be the exterior fields, walking trails, and running track and the complete renovation of the existing gymnasium.

 In addition to the renovation of the existing buildings, which included mold and asbestos abatement, the project also involved the construction of a new one-story brick Administrative Building and connector elements to join it and the existing cottages into one unified facility.  A major design intent was to restore the existing cottages and design new campus structures using the 1940’s building context.

Site improvements such as improved security, parking, new sidewalks, reworking of existing exterior athletic surfaces, renovation of an existing garage and picnic structure on the grounds, and changes to the central courtyard were also a part of the scope of work.

The existing structures, new structures, and completely developed site were redesigned by the SWI team to provide a continuous accessible route from Metropolitan Parkway throughout the interior and exterior campus facilities.

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