ISyE Materials Handling & Distribution Laboratory — Georgia Tech

The Montreuil Laboratory is designed to further research the supply/distribution chain using the “physical internet”.  Located in the Groseclose Building, this lab was designed for lecture and command center scenarios.

It features a 1,200 square foot high-tech computer laboratory and two interactive huddle rooms. Each of the rooms is designed with raised flooring for flexible telecommunications and power routing, exposed ceilings with LED lighting fixtures, and state-of-the-art A/V systems including interactive monitors, whiteboards, and a 16-panel video wall.

The laboratory entrance is designed using wall-to-wall, full-height interior storefront to provide maximum exposure to the building lobby for viewing by prospective corporate clients.

SWI specified custom individual desks designed to accommodate large 4K monitors and PCs yet maintain flexibility with casters.  This project represents team design of highly detailed requirements that may be required in future new and renovation computer labs at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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