Genuine Parts Company

Over the past 26 years, SWI has completed various renovation projects for Genuine Parts Company / NAPA in several buildings to suit their changing needs.

Among the most recent are the following:

  • Interior Renovation of the two-story corporate headquarters building at 2999 Circle 75 Parkway
  • 10,000 s.f. Corporate Headquarters Interior Fit-up for Rayloc
  • 7,500 s.f. Corporate Cafeteria- 3100 Windy Hill Rd, Atlanta , GA
  • 5,000 s.f. Digital Marketing Suite- 3100 Windy Hill Rd, Atlanta , GA
  • 40,000 s.f. Interior Fit-up for APAR- 4625 River Green Pkwy, Duluth, GA
  • 10,000 s.f. Conference Center/ Catering/ Lecture Hall- 3100 Windy Hill Rd, Atlanta , GA
  • Renovations to Security Operations Group

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