Carnegie Building Renovation – Georgia Tech

The Andrew Carnegie Building officially opened in 1907 and served as the original Georgia Tech library.  The library was relocated in 1957, and the President’s offices and senior administration took occupancy of the building.

Several renovations and expansions happened over the years, however, the safety and building codes issues continued to mount until August of 2015. SWI was given the task to modify the interior to reflect historically similar interior elements while bringing the building up to present building codes, including safety and ADA issues.

All mechanical, electrical, and plumbing was designed and engineered to address energy efficiency, security, comfort, and safety.  Ceilings were raised in the President and Provost offices to accommodate new historically correct exterior windows. An elevator was installed, restrooms redesigned, and stairwells updated to meet present life safety and ADA issues.

SWI worked extensively with Georgia Tech Facilities’ Project Manager and Designer to ensure construction issues, finish and furniture issues were addressed. The end product represents a great collaborative effort of Georgia Tech facilities, SWI’s design team, and contractors involved in the job.

This project reflects our strength in renovation construction documents, a comprehensive survey in the field, and attention to historical detail and replication. This project complements Tech’s focus on continuous improvements and updates being made to the Historic District or “Old Campus” at Georgia Tech.

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