6672 E. Broad Street

The City of Douglasville purchased this small downtown building, previously a furniture shop, with the intention of re-purposing it for the use of Douglasville’s Community & Downtown Services and Communications groups.

The city of Douglasville sponsored a Design Competition to solicit concepts for the building from local architectural firms. SWI Studio’s entry was awarded First Place in the design competition.

SWI’s winning entry features a reception and waiting area in front, with a conference room, office space, a television studio on the ground floor, and additional offices on the second floor.  The use of brick and traditional detailing on the exterior allows the building to fit in contextually with the old historic district of Douglasville.

As the long, narrow city lot allows for no windows on the sides of the building, large windows on the front, glass wall panels, a skylight, and translucent glass inserts in the floor all help maximize natural light infiltration.

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